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links to sites i use to destroy my boredom

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I like wordle because you only have to play once a day

Little Alchemy

I love little alchemy, it is such a great time killer, and it is fun


I love this game, and it helps distract me when I'm anxious

Zoom Quilt

If you're looking to be hypnotized, then check out this site, which is a picture that infinitely zooms in to reveal new pictures.

Live Kitten Cam

this fun website that streams from a live webcam set up at Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles

Which book

I sometimes use this to pick which book I should read next

Build A Galaxy

For those of you who find looking at the stars calming, this might be for you.


Chess is fun. Here you can play against the computer or random people

Chat With Cleverbot

A Great Time Killer

pixel thoughts

Pixel Thoughts is a tool that allows you to write down a worry and then watch it get smaller and smaller, at the same time as positive messages are flashing up on the screen. It won’t completely fix all your problems, but it might help you forget them for a few moments.

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Little Alchemy 2

Fun time killer

Cute Pictures Generator

cute picture generator if you need to see cute animals


Who doesn't love Sudoku?

Auto Draw

I only use this when I am bored


Reading fanfiction is fun. Writing fanfiction is fun.

Game about Squares

The game starts pretty simple with moving squares to spots, along with using different arrows and instructions. A fun way to pass some time

Card Solitaire

I like to play this when I am feeling

Random Film Generator

This sometimes helps me pick what film I should watch

Dad Joke Generator

These are corny af but reading them is a fun way to pass the time

Slime Maker

here you can find other games to kill time as well, but I find the slime maker one relaxing

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Bubble Popper

The more you pop, the more there are

Random fact generator

I love learning random facts

All Poetry

A great place to read poetry and write poetry


Play a nice game of Checkers

Chanwills0 YouTube

Whenever I need a laugh, I watch these


I love doing quizzes on Sporcle

30 Songs

I put a playlist together of 30 of my favourite songs


Click anywhere to create a mass. Click near to it, and the two will attract each other and merge to form a single mass and go on having fun with gravity.

Chill The Lion

This is fun for a minute or two

Softheart Clinic

All About Self Care

Girl in a jacket
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Oddly in Satisfying Games

a bunch of random games to play


I can spend forever making different characters with Picrew

Fun Quizzes

Many quizzes to do

Crocodile Snap

kills a few minutes

Random films and TV shows on YouTube

Random stuff on YouTube that I turned into a playlist

Book Generator

Random book generator I sometimes use to pick something to read

TV Show Generator

To help randomly pick a TV show to watch


Anagram Maker and Solver

Sometimes, when I am bored, I will mess around with people names in anagram to see how many words I can make

Learn Basic Coding

I find coding relaxing

Another random TV show Generator

because you can never have too many generators to find something to watch

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