Below is a mixture of pen and paper games along with links to more websites

Solo pen to paper games to play alone

Okay, sometimes when I am bored, I do these, or if I'm anxious, I do these.

Potions instructions

Angel Glitters for Myspace

Okay, so here is how you play. You write down ten ingredients that sound like they would go in a potion, how they should be prepared, mixed, then once that is done write a description of what the potion looks like, smells like, what the texture is like.

Name Songs

Angel Glitters for Myspace

when I am bored, I spell out my name or friends name using song titles example Fred

Fab by JoJo

Red by Taylor Swift

E.T by Katy Perry

December by Taylor Swift

it kills a minute or two

Angel Glitters for Myspace

Sometimes, I write letters to my favourite fictional characters to practice my spelling or break writers' block or simply for something to do

60 Seconds

Angel Glitters for Myspace

1 minute to write down as many words as possible my record is 120 so far.

More Websites

Song Generator

Tic Tac Toe

Random Quiz Generator

rubik's cube

Dice Roller


Snakes and Ladders

Angel Glitters for Myspace
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