Self Care Page

This page is things I do for self-care.

What I do on a bad day

Scroll aimlessly through nonsense online. It's a bad day. I don't have the mental energy to read a book or draw or invest in TV shows or films. I have the attention span for TikTok length content, and that is it.

I listen to music. Nothing that means anything to me emotionally just random stuff for background noise.

I set myself a realistic goal for that day. Seriously, I got up and drank a whole glass of water? That's like running a marathon achievement on a bad day.

Girl in a jacket

i find looking at gifs relaxing especially ones like this

What I do for self-care, in general,

Silencing the Night Thoughts

I have crippling anxiety, and nighttime is the worse when I can't distract myself by scrolling through stuff online or listening to music to distract myself

So I had to learn to silence or drown out those thoughts using my mind. Which is wild. I've done it ever since I was a child

I have never been able to picture a happy place. But my earliest I need to stop these thoughts so I'm going to imagine this instead was (sometimes still is used it since I was 5) is picturing a blender. Inside the blender goes grass and leaves until they are pulp then they are boiled in water and thrown into an imaginary hole in the ground. Over and over until I fall asleep.

Sometimes I think about having a bunch of crayons, snapping and placing them in a silver pot or pots and those crayons melting into liquid and then becoming solid like a candle.

I make theme lists in my head. Name 5 colours, Name 5 favourite characters ect.

Calming Gif
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